The largest Congress and Cultural Centre in Brno

Specialised setting for congresses, conferences, corporate events, formal balls, weddings, birthday parties, political debates and strategic discussions with a view of the city of Brno.

Multifunctional and interconnectable rooms, capacity from 10 up to 1250 people, more than 200 hotel parking spaces, full additional services.

All of our inquiries are created for each Client individually. We also provide additional activity programme for corporate events and celebrations.



Luxurious and representative multifunctional space for large social events - cultural, musical, social and sport events, corporate or private. Availability of cloakroom with service, 5 dressing rooms for performers, 4 bars, balcony galleries (possibility to sit or serve VIP catering), complete high-level technical equipment.

Use: congresses, conferences, symposiums, social events with various characters
Total area: 2,000 m2
Max. capacity: 1 250 people
Equipment: 6 lasers, LED net, 3 LED screens, spotlights, screen, projector

Professional equipment in detail:
Soundsystem: 18x L-ACOUSTICS KARA, 6x SB-28 L-ACOUSTICS, 4X 115XT HiQ L-ACOUSTICS, Amplifier: 5x Nexo NXAMP4x4 and 1x Nexo NXAMP4x1, FOH desk - Yamaha CL5, Yamaha QL5, Yamaha Rio3224 , 4x Nexo PS8.

Laser: 6 lasers available. Possibility to prepare your own laser show – open choice for music, logo, titles and pictures, creation of an original and unforgettable laser show – out of standards.

LED net: an integral part of the stage. Possibility to project individual needs of the Client ( (company logos, texts, phone numbers, sponsor titles).

3 LED screens: two on the sides and one LED RENTAL screen in the middle of the hall closer to the audience. Types of screens: 2x TCi - 6 SMD, 1x TCi - 6 SMD RENTAL. Size m2: 3x 4,032 x 2,304 m - total 27,87 m2.

Pixels: 3x 258.048. Screen Resolution: 3x 672 × 384. Possibility to replace LED screen (the one in the middle or all three LED screens) with a projector screen (6 m x 4 m) and a projector ANSI 7500.



Newly renovated space with modern sound and lighting equipment, which is a part of the congress centre. Berlin is an ideal choice for larger corporate and private parties and events, conferences or congresses. Availability of 2 bars, 2 LED screens, cloakroom with service, stage, dance floor, 2 sanitary facilities.


Use: larger corporate events, social events, congresses, conferences, presentations
Total area: 990 m2
Max. capacity: 470 people

Equipment: 2 LED screens, sound system, DJ counter, mobile projector, mobile screen



Paris Hall is a spacious mirror room with ceiling lighting on the first floor. The room has its own bar, dance floor and stage. The space is suitable especially for corporate parties, private celebrations, balls, but also can be used as a larger conference room. It has a maximum capacity of 300 people. The interconnected space to this hall – Boulevard - is a round curved area, where can be served coffee breaks, buffets and other refreshments.

Use: corporate parties, celebrations, balls, thematic events, presentations, conferences
Total area: 437 m2
Max. capacity: 300 people

Equipment: projector, screen, sound system, lighting, DJ counter



Viena Hall is a luxury ground floor room with its own bar, cloakroom, stage and direct entry from the public car parking. The capacity of this room is up to 250 people. Vienna Hall is popular for wedding celebrations, corporate parties, balls and fashion shows.


Use: corporate events, celebrations, balls, weddings, presentations, conferences
Total area: 745 m2
Max. capacity: 250 people

Equipment: mobile projector, mobile screen, sound system



Praha Hall is a variable conference room on the first floor with a high – tech audio-visual equipment. The maximum capacity in theatre set up is 240 people, in school set up 160 people. Praha hall can be connected to other rooms through the transmitted sound and scene. Refreshments and coffee breaks are served in the Foyer or in the adjoining Boulevard area with a connection to Paris Hall.

Use: conferences, seminars, trainings, presentations and exhibitions
Total area: 210 m2
Max. capacity: 240 people

Equipment: data projector, screen, sound system



Newly renovated London hall is a conference space located on the first floor. The room is fully air-conditioned and highly versatile. It has a maximum capacity of 100 people in a theatre set up and 60 people in a school set up. Other options are U, I, T - shape, Geneva, banquet and cocktail set ups.

Use: conferences, seminars, trainings, meetings, presentations, smaller wedding receptions
Total area: 200 m2
Max. capacity: 100 people

Equipment: projector, screen, sound system



Beautiful and representative space for festive events, corporate parties, social private celebrations and weddings. Favourite set up is a T-shape for 40 people, I-shape for 30 people. Guests can seat themselves around the T-shape board in the back of the room. The maximum capacity is 100 people. A bar and a cloakroom are available.

Use: corporate parties, social private celebrations, weddings
Total area: 250 m2
Max. capacity: 100 people

Equipment: mobile projector, screen, sound system



A functional L-shaped room located in the first floor designed for corporate parties, social celebrations, smaller conferences and exhibitions.

Use: corporate parties, celebrations, smaller conferences and exhibitions
Total area: 180 m2
Max. capacity: 80 people

Equipment: mobile projector, mobile screen, sound system



Budapest is a multipurpose space on the first floor. The maximum capacity is 30 people in a school set up and 40 in a theatre set up. The T, I, U - shape set up is also feasible. This smaller lounge is an ideal choice for workshops, trainings, meetings, presentations, seminars. Refreshments are served in the Foyer nearby or inside the lounge.

Use: workshops, trainings, meetings, meetings, presentations, seminars
Total area: 70 m2
Max. capacity: 40 people

Equipment: mobile projector, screen, sound system



Sky Lounge is a circular space on the 9th-floor, which offers magnificent panorama view of the city of Brno, high comfort, quiet and privacy. Cocktail and boardroom set ups are recommended. The visualization of the lounge is appropriate for private business meetings, training sessions, seminars, smaller weddings or birthday parties.

Use: corporate meetings, parties, board meetings, trainings, seminars, presentations, personal celebrations, wedding receptions
Total area: 92 m2 (terrace 120 m2)
Max. capacity: 35 people

Equipment: TV screen, mobile projector, mobile screen, sound system

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